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We use only the “superior” grade Norwegian Salmon and Trout to produce our delicious and tender products. In addition we implement the initial screening process of the raw materials to ensure that only high quality and healthy fish are used for our products.

Fillets and portions


Fresh and Frozen

Our Salmon and Trout production lines were made focusing on maximum compliance of our customers’ requirements. Fresh fillets are packed on ice. Frozen fillets are packed in plastic bags or vacuum packed

Frozen portion 

Individually vacuum packed (IVP)


IVP and packed in retail box (private label)


Value-added products

Cold smoked salmon and trout

Cold smoked Salmon or Trout is one of the most required delicacy produced at our fish processing facility. Salmon or trout fillets are cured with salt to obtain the perfect texture and then smoked at a low temperature over beech wood for that mild smoky taste. Fillets are very thinly sliced, then placed on a tray and vacuum packed. There are different packaging sizes available from 100 g to 1 kg or variable weight for whole fillets.

Light salted salmon and trout


Since ancient times Scandinavian fishermen were highly experienced in fish salting. They invented very simple but perfect salting processes and revealed to the world a true fish delicacy – GRAVLAX. Originally they salted the Salmon and lightly preserved it by “burying” the fish in the coastal sand. The word GRAVLAX occured itself a consisting of two Scandinavian words “Grav” (a hole in the ground) and “Lax” (salmon). Obviously nowadays we no longer use coastal sand but “bury” the Salmon salt and sugar to preserve it.

Having a long – term experience in producing GRAVLAX we have developed different recipes of this Scandinavian delicacy and slight variations of them allow us to offer localized taste preferances for a specific country or region.



Gravlax with dill

Dill is added on top of the fillet after the curing process.

Salted salmon and trout fillet

It is very important to have the ideal proportions of ingredients while making lightly salted Salmon or Trout. That is why we only use the dry salting process. This process has been traditionally used for centuries and still has no alternatives for tuning even tiny shades of flavor. Therefore our lightly salted Salmon and Trout outperform other competitors’ products and provide our customers with the delightful experience of tender fish enriched with pleasant and delicate taste.




Belly Flaps and Trimmings




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